I am already a Sigma user. Should I also pay for the new version of SigmaKey Huawei Edition?

Currently dongle is for new customers only.

Can I update SigmaKey Huawei Edition to the Sigma Full version?

Yes, it can be updated to Full SigmaKey set (Pack 1+2+3+4).

Is it a dongle or just an activation?

This is a dongle solution.

What is the difference between SigmaKey and SigmaKey Huawei Edition?

SigmaKey Huawei Edition provides full support for Huawei brand. It is totally focused on it. Unlock, IMEI repair, FRP remove, Flashing and full repair.

How many service operations can I make per day with this dongle?

The solution is unlimited. No limit for the operations per day or per year.

Is there any yearly fee for usage?

No, you get a lifetime license - no need to pay for the product every year.


What is Sigmakey Pack?

It's a part of the software that can be activated with activation code. Activation code is a virtual product.
Typical format of the activation code: XXXX - XXXX - XXXX - XXXX

How to buy and activate new pack?

Purchase: visit this page to get fully acquainted with description of the pack and buy it by clicking "Buy Now" button.
Activation: you can activate pack in Sigmakey Software.
For this purpose, please, perform the following steps:

  • Open "Sigmakey" tab.
  • Type in activation code in "Activation code" window.
  • Press "Activate Pack" button. The Pack will be activated immediately.

I've got an activation code. What shall I do next?

Run Sigmakey Software, open "Sigamkey" tab and activate this pack. After this procedure, pack activation will be completed immediately.

When can I work with Sigma Packs?

Functionality of the pack you've bought will be available promptly upon activation (Sigmakey tab -> Pack Activation).

Is it necessary to activate Packs?

Please, get informed about functionality of Packs and activate if necessary.

Will Packs be developed further?

Yes, they will. Packs will be under constant development. Its functionality will be expanded with new features and supported models.

Can I use Sigma functionality without buying Packs?

Yes, you can. All features which are not included into Packs are free.

I don't have Sigma Packs activated. Will Sigma be supported?

Yes, Sigma without Packs activated will be regularly updated and supported.

Will I get Packs activated buying Sigma Box?

No, Packs can be purchased and activated separately.

Has something changed for old users after Packs have been released?

Nothing has changed. You can still use whole functionality and benefit from new models support. Packs are required only for using certain functionality described here and here.

What is the validity period of Sigma Pack Activations?

The validity of a Sigma Packs is not limited in time. After one-time activations, no further actions required.

Will Sigma Team release future updates that won't be included into Packs?

Surely we will release updates which will be available for customers who don't possess Packs. Functionality of Packs is restricted.
Please note: it's highly recommended to update your software to the latest version, even if the update is released for some Pack only. The reason is a number of improvements and bug fixes for the devices based on a various platforms, included in each new software version.

Can I use Sigma Pack 2 without Pack 1 activation?

Yes, you can. Pack 2 activation works regardless whether you have Pack 1 activated or not.

Can I use Sigma Pack 3 without Pack 1 or 2 activations??

Yes, you can.


What is the difference between Dongle and Box?

You get access to the same software either with the box or with the dongle. SigmaBox comes with the set of cables. SigmaKey comes without cables.

How do I connect SigmaKey / SigmaBox to PC?

SigmaKey / SigmaBox needs to be connected to PC via USB port. It is recommended to connect the SigmaKey / SigmaBox directly to the motherboard's USB port avoiding USB HUB connection.

Do I need to activate my SigmaKey / SigmaBox?

After first firmware update your SigmaKey / SigmaBox will be automatically activated. You can update your SigmaKey / SigmaBox with Sigma Updater tool.

How do I update my SigmaKey / SigmaBox or SigmaBox?

Please check SigmaKey manual for a detailed step-by-step instruction.

What should I do if my SigmaKey / SigmaBox won't update itself?

If an error occurs during update procedure please generate a log file of update error and mail it to our support team via support@sigmakey.com.

How to find out the version of my SigmaKey / SigmaBox?

Connect your SigmaKey / SigmaBox to PC and run Sigma Updater tool. It will display the version of your SigmaKey / SigmaBox, its serial number etc.

Do I have to configure my USB ports in order to use SigmaKey / SigmaBox?

No. You should install and use recommended drivers only.

Is SigmaKey / SigmaBox covered with hardware warranty?

SigmaKey / SigmaBox hardware warranty is 180 days, starting from the date of first update.

Can Sigma be activated to Smart-Clip/S-Card/DreamBox/Octopus etc.?

Sigma is a totally different product that can't be activated to any other hardware.

Sigma software won't detect my dongle, what should I do?

In order to install SigmaKey / SigmaBox proper, you should use official drivers only. Correct drivers can be downloaded from the support section of official Sigma website or found in software folder, after installation (x:\Program Files\GsmServer\SigmaKey\drivers\AU9540DrvPkg V1.7.26.0_WHQL\ ).


What do I need to work with Sigma Software?

This software works with SigmaBox or SigmaKey Dongle that you need to buy.

Where can I download the latest version of Sigma Software?

You can download the latest version of Sigma Software from official web site at download section only.

Where can I find instructions and cable pinouts in order to work with Sigma Software?

All detailed manuals are located at the official web site in Help section.

What version of Software should I use?

It is always recommended to use the latest Sigma Software version.

How do I deal with error Application Failed To Initialize Properly (0xc0150002)?

In order to solve this issue, install Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package. You can get it here.


What do I have to do before unlocking?

Before servicing the phone, please make sure that:

  1. Battery charged more than 50%
  2. All the side programs, that may interfere with the phone, are closed
  3. The phone cable will not be disconnected till the process is done

How do I connect the phone to PC?

Most of the supported phones have to be connected using regular USB cable. Some of the MTK-based models have to be connected to PC COM port via original COM data cable or using any COM port emulator. You can create your own cable using pinouts. Also you can buy cables at gsmserver online store:

MTK phones with specific firmware that needs patching

If Unlock Phone procedure completed and the phone is still not unlocked, perform the following steps:

  1. Read the whole backup from the phone
  2. Specify the carrier your device is locked to
  3. Specify what is written on the screen when you use non-original SIM card
  4. Send this information by e-mail or post it on forum

What should I do if I experience any troubles during operations with the phone?

Send the following information to support@sigmakey.com:

  1. Detailed description of operation you've performed.
  2. Full log file along with Sigma Software version of the procedure(s) you've performed.
  3. Backup copy read from the phone.

What should I do if I want to send feedback of successfully unlocked phone?

You may send the log to the official forum

What should I do if I have an untested or new phone model(s)?

Send the following information to support@sigmakey.com:

  1. Backup copy that was created before any operation.
  2. Step by step description of performed operation(s).
  3. Full log file along with the Sigma Software version.
  4. Backup copy that was created after operation was performed.

You can also use this web app to report an unsupported device, as well as write a message on the forum.

I can't unlock MTK device, what should I do?

If you've followed Direct Unlock procedure and your device is still locked, you need to patch the firmware.
In order to develop firmware patch, we need to get the following information from you:

  1. Full name of the model of the device you have
  2. The carrier and the country your device is locked to
  3. What is written on the screen when you use non-original SIM card
  4. Full backup of the device

Send this info to support@sigmakey.com

How can I find an answer to my question on my own?

Sigma is a professional phone servicing tool with all the required info on how to work with supported devices.
How to get that info:

  1. You can check whether the model is supported or not here.
  2. You will find links to the manuals at the very same page, as well as video manual on how to find the phone and appropriate instructions.
  3. Also you can subscribe to Sigma YouTube channel to get the most recent video instructions for certain phones.
  4. If you can't find answer to your question, use search feature on the forum. It is very likely that someone has already encountered such issue and was provided with a solution.
  5. Still can't find the answer? Use Google like it is shown here.
  6. If Google does not help either, start a topic at the forum, provide detailed description of the problem, give as much information as possible (phone version, carrier, logs, etc.)


Will I get access to flash files archive at Boot Loader v2.0 if I purchase SigmaKey / SigmaBox?

Each user is granted with free access to Boot-loader v2.0 for one year after the first update of SigmaKey / SigmaBox.

How to start and use flash file area of Sigma?

Here you can find all screencasts that explain how to Register, Download files, Top Up Account.


What should I do if the software says: "Please update your S-Card to the latest software version"?

  1. Download the latest version of Sigmakey software
  2. Click on "Sigmakey" Tab
  3. Press "Update S-Card firmware" button

What should I do if I get winusb.dll error running the software?

This issue is with your OS. You have to get winusb.dll and install this file manually.

What should I do if I get MSVcr100.dll error running the software?

Install Microsoft Visual C++ package from here.

What should I do if I get the "Please reinstall the Alcor Micro device driver for SigmaKey/Box" error ?

We recommend you do the following:

  • Use only the drivers provided by Sigma Team.
  • Connect SigmaKey Donlge / Box to USB port placed on the back side of PC (motherboard's USB port). Avoid using any kind of USB HUBS.
  • Reinstall dongle drivers  from Sigma Software folder or from here

Watch this video to find out how to install Sigma dongle drivers.

If you still get the error, please, insert SigmaKey Dongle / Box into another port and select drivers manually from the following folder: 

  • \Program Files\GsmServer\SigmaKey\drivers\AU9540DrvPkg V1.7.26.0_WHQL\program_files\AlcorMicro\x32\

  • or
  • \Program Files\GsmServer\SigmaKey\drivers\AU9540DrvPkg V1.7.26.0_WHQL\program_files\AlcorMicro\x64

Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions.

+93Afghanistan+358Aland Islands+355Albania+213Algeria+1684American Samoa+376Andorra+244Angola+1264Anguilla+672Antarctica+1268Antigua And Barbuda+54Argentina+374Armenia+297Aruba+61Australia+43Austria+994Azerbaijan+1242Bahamas+973Bahrain+880Bangladesh+1246Barbados+375Belarus+32Belgium+501Belize+229Benin+1441Bermuda+975Bhutan+591Bolivia, Plurinational State Of+387Bosnia And Herzegovina+267Botswana+55Bouvet Island+55Brazil+246British Indian Ocean Territory+673Brunei Darussalam+359Bulgaria+226Burkina Faso+257Burundi+855Cambodia+237Cameroon+1Canada+34Canary Islands, The+238Cape Verde+1345Cayman Islands+236Central African Republic+235Chad+56Chile+86China+61Christmas Island+61Cocos (Keeling) Islands+57Colombia+269Comoros+242Congo+243Congo, The DR+682Cook Islands+506Costa Rica+225Cote D'Ivoire+385Croatia+53Cuba+357Cyprus+420Czech Republic+45Denmark+253Djibouti+1767Dominica+1829Dominican Republic+593Ecuador+20Egypt+503El Salvador+240Equatorial Guinea+291Eritrea+372Estonia+251Ethiopia+500Falkland Islands (Malvinas)+298Faroe Islands+679Fiji+358Finland+33France+594French Guiana+689French Polynesia+1689French Southern Territories+241Gabon+220Gambia+995Georgia+49Germany+233Ghana+350Gibraltar+30Greece+299Greenland+1473Grenada+590Guadeloupe+1671Guam+502Guatemala+44Guernsey+224Guinea+245Guinea-Bissau+592Guyana+509Haiti+0Heard Island And Mcdonald Islands+504Honduras+852Hong Kong+36Hungary+354Iceland+91India+62Indonesia+98Iran, Islamic Republic Of+964Iraq+353Ireland+44Isle Of Man+972Israel+39Italy+1876Jamaica+81Japan+44Jersey+962Jordan+77Kazakhstan+254Kenya+686Kiribati+850Korea, Democratic People'S Republic Of+82Korea, Republic Of+381Kosovo+965Kuwait+996Kyrgyzstan+856Lao People'S Democratic Republic+371Latvia+961Lebanon+266Lesotho+231Liberia+218Libyan Arab Jamahiriya+423Liechtenstein+370Lithuania+352Luxembourg+853Macao+261Madagascar+265Malawi+60Malaysia+960Maldives+223Mali+356Malta+692Marshall Islands+596Martinique+222Mauritania+230Mauritius+262Mayotte+52Mexico+691Micronesia, Federated States Of+373Moldova, Republic Of+377Monaco+976Mongolia+382Montenegro+1664Montserrat+212Morocco+258Mozambique+95Myanmar+264Namibia+674Nauru+977Nepal+31Netherlands+599Netherlands Antilles+599Netherlands Antilles (Bonaire)+599Netherlands Antilles (Curacao)+687New Caledonia+64New Zealand+505Nicaragua+227Niger+234Nigeria+683Niue+672Norfolk Island+389North Macedonia+1670Northern Mariana Islands+1670Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan)+47Norway+968Oman+92Pakistan+680Palau+970Palestinian Territory, Occupied+507Panama+675Papua New Guinea+595Paraguay+51Peru+63Philippines+64Pitcairn+48Poland+351Portugal+1787Puerto Rico+974Qatar+40Romania+7Russian Federation+250Rwanda+262Réunion+590Saint Barthlemy+290Saint Helena+1869Saint Kitts And Nevis+1758Saint Lucia+590Saint Martin+508Saint Pierre And Miquelon+1784Saint Vincent And The Grenadines+685Samoa+378San Marino+239Sao Tome And Principe+966Saudi Arabia+221Senegal+381Serbia+248Seychelles+232Sierra Leone+65Singapore+421Slovakia+386Slovenia+677Solomon Islands+252Somalia+27South Africa+500South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands+34Spain+94Sri Lanka+249Sudan+597Suriname+47Svalbard And Jan Mayen+268Swaziland+46Sweden+41Switzerland+963Syrian Arab Republic+886Taiwan, Province Of China+992Tajikistan+255Tanzania, United Republic Of+66Thailand+670Timor-Leste+228Togo+690Tokelau+676Tonga+1868Trinidad And Tobago+216Tunisia+90Turkey+993Turkmenistan+1649Turks And Caicos Islands+688Tuvalu+256Uganda+380Ukraine+971United Arab Emirates+44United Kingdom+1United States+699United States Minor Outlying Islands+598Uruguay+998Uzbekistan+678Vanuatu+379Vatican+58Venezuela+84Viet Nam+1284Virgin Islands, British+1340Virgin Islands, U.S.+681Wallis And Futuna+212Western Sahara+967Yemen+260Zambia+263Zimbabwe