Reminder! Before servicing the phone, please make sure that:

  1. You use the latest version of Sigma software
  2. Battery charged more than 50%
  3. All the side programs, that may interfere with the phone, are closed
  4. Phone’s cable and device itself should not be disconnected or disturbed until the procedure is fully completed
  5. Connect phone to USB port placed on the backside of PC (motherboard's USB port)
    Do not connect or disconnect other USB cables into the PC during the actual work with the phone
  6. Avoid using any kind of USB HUBs and long USB cables. Use the shortest-length USB cable available.
  7. Phone has stock (factory) firmware version
  8. SIM card is removed


Huawei Spreadtrum Smartphones


FRP Remove
  • Select "Spreadtrum" platform from the tab menu in the upper left side of the software
  • Go to "Service" tab
  • Turn the phone OFF
  • Set the phone to FastBoot mode:
    • press and hold “VOL-“ button and connect the phone to PC using USB cable (or use any other method)
  • Select “Android ADB interface” port
  • Press “Remove FRP” button
  • The message "Removing FRP lock...OK" indicates that procedure has been completed successfully
  • Disconnect the device
Video Instructions