Reminder! Before servicing the phone, please make sure that:

  1. You use the latest version of Sigma software
  2. Battery charged more than 50%
  3. All the side programs, that may interfere with the phone, are closed
  4. Phone’s cable and device itself should not be disconnected or disturbed until the procedure is fully completed
  5. Connect phone to USB port placed on the backside of PC (motherboard's USB port)
    Do not connect or disconnect other USB cables into the PC during the actual work with the phone
  6. Avoid using any kind of USB HUBs and long USB cables. Use the shortest-length USB cable available.
  7. Phone has stock (factory) firmware version
  8. SIM card is removed


Huawei Phones

Direct Unlock

You need to choose the model manually from the "Phone model" list. The list is located near the ports selection menu.

  1. Select "Qualcomm" platform from the tab menu in the upper left side of the software
  2. Go to "Unlock" tab
  3. Select model from the "Phone model" list
  4. Connect the phone to PC with USB cable in the appropriate mode; connection details for each separate model are described in the "How to connect the phone" manual:
    • DOWNLOAD MODE: power the phone OFF. , press * 0 # simultaneously and while holding these buttons insert USB cable
    • NORMAL MODE: power the phone ON and insert USB cable
  5. Install required Huawei phone USB driver (only if the phone is connected for the first time):
    • DOWNLOAD MODE connection: install drivers manually
    • NORMAL MODE connection: when you connect the phone for the first time, it will install required drivers automatically; make sure that AutoRun feature is enabled on your PC
  6. Select "PC UI Interface" in the ports selection tab
  7. Press "Direct Unlock" button
  8. In case of unlock software prompting to disconnect USB cable from the phone for 3 seconds and connect it once again, please do so. But don't touch the battery.
  9. The message "Unlocking phone... Done" indicates that procedure was completed successfully
  10. Wait for the message "Restarting phone... Done" to appear in Sigma dialog window; only after that you can disconnect the phone
How to connect the phone (in Download or Normal mode)?

DOWNLOAD MODE connection: power the phone OFF, press *0# simultaneously and while holding these buttons insert USB cable

Connect these models in the special mode:


  • U1000, U100S
  • U120, U121, U1220
  • U1205, U1211, U1215
  • U1300, U1310
  • U3300, U3310, U3311
  • U5700, U5707, U5075
  • U7200 U7300, U7310, U7315


  • V710 V715, V716, V720, V725, V810, V830, V830i

NORMAL MODE connection: power the phone ON and insert USB cable

Connect these models in the powered on state:


  • U1250, U1251, U1270, U1280, U1285
  • U2800, U2801
  • U3100, U3220
  • U5110
  • U5900
  • U6150
  • U7510, U7510S, U7517, U7519, U7520
  • U9130


  • Vodafone 736, 840


  • EX300
Video instructions